music lessons: philosophy

About music lessons at the piano

by Carol Caldwell-Edmonds

Learning about music involves more than the mechanics of playing any instrument. Listening, feeling rhythm, discovering how a touch on a key can affect the sound you then hear…understanding a piece of music happens on many different levels in our experience. Why do we connect strongly to some music? How can we express our creativity with music? Students of piano can happily spend years learning on those personal levels. With time to make a personal, creative connection to music at the piano, we then experience that music in the context of what a composer is trying to convey, then perhaps, delve further into the meaning and history of a culture’s music… These are the objectives of the music lessons at the studio. Music can help us learn creativity in context.

Music lessons at the Studio in the Woods are based on an individual student’s skill level, interests, learning style, and pace. Because I am developing the lesson series for beginners based on my experience through the years, the actual pieces that students work on can be modified and interpreted uniquely by each individual student. The goal is to find the connection that a person makes with the instrument, and to use that connection as the beginning of the learning experience. I do believe that everyone can learn to play the piano, in their own way and time. Mastery is more of a choice, combined with a discovered affinity and talent; rarely will rote drill and practice result in musical mastery. How we learn, and how we spend our time while learning have more to do with the mastery of any instrument than practice for practice’s sake.




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