about us

Binary Digit Productions, LLP, specializes in integrating music, art, and drama with the power of technology to bring new perspectives to digital media and digital media production. Current productions include the Studio in the Woods Piano Series and The Guinevere Project. Consulting services are offered for quick-and-simple B2B websites, teaching with computers, and configuring small business IT solutions. Based in Belvidere, Vermont, we are a family-owned, local Vermont small business, started as a limited liability partnership in the summer of 2009. The four partners are Shannon Edmonds, Benjamin Edmonds, Gary Edmonds, and Carol Caldwell-Edmonds.

Shannon Edmonds

Shannon Edmonds, BFA, is our visual artist. Her specialties include custom, original logo, business card and web page design and layout, for self-maintained sites. She designed and maintains this business website. She also produced all of the artwork on the site. Shannon is the cartoonist for the Studio in the Woods series.


Carol Caldwell-Edmonds

Carol Caldwell-Edmonds, BM, MA, oversees the partnership's domain and vendor web services. She is the producer of "The Guinevere Project," a drama production that combines video and technology with live performing arts. She founded and runs the Studio in the Woods, and developed the pedagogy and music for the Studio in the Woods piano series based on her 20 years of teaching experience.


Ben Edmonds

Ben Edmonds does digital music arrangements for Binary Digit productions. He also contributes piano compositions for beginner-to-intermediate students, downloadable or as printed collections.


Gary Edmonds

Gary Edmonds oversees the setup and acquisition of equipment and infrastructure for the research and development of new multimedia and video options. He maintains the infrastructure of the Binary Digit Production, LLP office and productions.